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Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:United States of America
I'm a Vegetarian that is on the path of searching for what truly makes her heart sing. My gods help me along my path and teach me lessons when they need to be taught. I'm also Vegetarian as I believe that my life is no more important than that of a cow's or a chicken's or my cats' for that matter~

I'm open minded and curious about everything. Give me the chance to ask questions and I will! Those answers often wind up in whatever I'm writing. I am never not writing something--that is how I want to make my living, eventually--by writing stories and articles and putting beauty out into the world through words...and maybe pictures!

My writing generally falls into the LGBTQ category--and yes, I'm gay. I'm out to everyone except my family who I tried to tell in my late teens but they haven't spoken of it since. Right now, I have no reason to shove it in their face as for the past (nearly) 4 years, I've been with the one guy I've ever been attracted to in my whole life. His name is Angelo and, while we are long distance, I love him like crazy. He challenges me and teaches me in so many ways--I would not be the person I am today without him~ <3
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